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Time Flies and a New Quilt

My son stated Kindergarten last month.  It’s a huge milestone and definitely a huge adjustment for this mama!  At the same time my daughter started a Pre-K program three mornings a week.  I thought this would mean that I would have all this new found time to sew and clean my house and bake pumpkin bread but nooooo, this is not the case.  Some how, it seems that I have far less time in my day.  How does this happen?  I am baffled and still have not figured out how to rearrange my day to fit it all in.

At the same time as the above paragraph has been going on, I have been slammed with work!  I am loving this and am proud to say that in August and September I received so much work and so many orders that I am booked until Christmas!  (Picture me doing the cabbage patch and running man dances in celebration)

Here are the pictures of a gorgeous baby quilt order I did last month.  The person who ordered it told me exactly the fabric she wanted since her sister, who also sews, was making all of the baby bedding, curtains, etc. for the baby’s room.  The fabric line is Out To Sea by Michael Miller.  The pattern I used is one by Elizabeth Hartman.  I slightly modified it to make it larger.  The quilt ended up being approximately 40″ x 50″.That’s the front of the quilt.  Cute, right?The back of the quilt.  Of course I put a little something special on the back ’cause that’s how I roll.  I usually end up loving the backs just as much, if not more than the fronts.  I love this shot.  This is a close up of the back of the quilt.  I used a free motion, meandering stitch for the quilting.  Ooooh, aaaah, check out the corner of the quilt.

I truly wish that pictures did this quilt justice.  The pink and navy blue combination is just brilliant and just like the others I’ve made, this one is my new favorite.


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