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Wonky Stripes

Try as I may, I just can’t come up with a witty post title for this one.  So, I’m stating the obvious.  I made a Wonky Stripe Quilt!  I know you’re all saying, “Um yes Kristin, we can see that for ourselves.”  Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!  I love how striking the blue and white are together.

This quilt is for “Miss Chelle” a dear, wonderful, lovely woman who is expecting her first child (obviously a boy) in a very short while.  I originally met Chelle at church.  I’ve gotten to know her over the last year and not only is she a friend but she’s also assumed the role of watching Catherine for a few hours a week so that I could work, clean and basically maintain my sanity.

Chelle is a super talented, crafty person who makes the most adorable embroidered animals on onesies.  I don’t have any pictures of them, but trust me, they’re soooo cute and tiny!  She gave me all of the fabric for this quilt and I made it for her.

There’s the back.  Just as cute, right?

This quilt ended up being about 30″ x 40″ which is the perfect usable size for a baby or toddler.  I used about 20 pieces of fabric per strip of stripes.  I free motion quilted it and made the binding from the same fabric as the back of the quilt. 


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